Yes you heard it right online gambling. Playing games of chance or skill for money by using a remote device such as a tablet, computer, smartphone, or any mobile phone with an internet connection has gained popularity over a short period in India. Let’s say you saw that fancy advertisement of a guy who earned quite a sum by playing online, which kept you thinking, what is it? How should I join the fun? Let’s get rolling.

The legality of online gambling

India happens to be growing as one of the biggest markets in the online casino industry. But how so? Gambling in India has always been a topic of debate, and more than that, the legalities involved with it make it more of a grey area to establish its roots towards popularity. Unlike many countries, land-based casinos in India are reserved for certain states and specific games, which implies that the Indian gambling market has grown despite the classic gambling platform’s unavailability. Only two states have specialized gambling establishments, whereas Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have banned online gambling completely.Thus, In India o, online gambling got its break online. Such a strict regulatory framework leads to an increase in the number of online casino players and gambling platforms under the domain of offshore companies.

The two major reasons the online gaming platform has grown are

  • The middle-class population of India is growing at an exponential rate and
  • The international infrastructure for internet services is getting better and more accessible every moment.

India likes it mobile when it comes to online gambling or playing online, for that matter. The prosperity is best represented by the number of mobile phone users there are in the country. The number seems to outrun China by 2022 as per the recent report by the United Nations.

The Indian middle class has now gained access to the internet more easily than ever before. The lifestyle demands and smart, popular culture have made the internet a mere necessity. With the availability of free time, Indians have found their relaxation online at casinos that are compatible with desktops and mobiles.

The most common and preferred games by Indians are the local classics – Andar Bahar and Teen Patti, which are played on online UFA sites that provide authentic and realistic casino experience. Another popular title is the Indian Rummy.