Advantages and disadvantages of instant lotteries


The main difference between instant lotteries and drawn lotteries is the speed of the result. Participants do not wait for the draw and the announcement of the winners, which drag on for weeks or months. You can find out whether the purchased หวยออนไลน์ ticket has succeeded in becoming “happy” without leaving the seller.

Benefits of instant lotteries:

  • low price in comparison with the cost of participation in drawing lotteries allows you to buy several tickets at once and increase the chances of winning,
  • immediate result eliminates unnecessary worries,
  • saving time, there is no need to watch the live streams of the draws or read the information about the winners,
  • small winnings can be collected immediately at the point of sale,
  • pleasant emotions from the purchase – a short waiting period for a win does not bring much disappointment,
  • clear mechanism of the drawing.
  • Disadvantages of instant lotteries:
  • modest, in comparison with drawn lotteries, jackpot or material prize,
  • often there is no way to influence luck and choose “lucky” numbers,
  • the ticket can be lost or stolen,
  • it is easy to get involved and in a gambling rush to spend on the purchase of tickets an amount that is not commensurate with the winnings.


The spread of the Internet has affected the sphere of organizing instant lotteries, and variations of the usual express draws have appeared. The paper lottery tickets that older people love are giving way to modern online services. Young people are increasingly participating in lotteries from a computer screen or smartphone.

Traditional points of sale of lottery tickets

For many years, the public places where instant lottery tickets were sold were Post offices, shops and lotto kiosks. Over time, bank branches were also added to them. This method of buying tickets is still widespread today, but is gradually losing popularity. To participate in the drawing, you need to find the nearest point of sale of lottery tickets, clarify the schedule of its work, and then go to tempt fate.

Instant draw services allow you to try your luck without leaving your home. You can pay for participation with a plastic card or from an online wallet account, and you should choose a resource very carefully. In addition to legal portals, there are private services on the Internet, the organization of which is illegal. Often, their owners do not care much about the winnings of visitors, but you can find honest sites if you study the reviews in advance.